Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Welcome to Banff & Lake Louise

Welcome to Canada’s Alpine Adventure. For over 125 years, Banff National Park has provided visitors with a healthy combination of unspoiled wilderness, modern amenities and opportunities for active exploration. With such a breathtaking landscape, it’s no surprise that this UNESCO World Heritage Site has been nominated time and again as a “must-see” destination for travellers around the world.

Nestled amongst the peaks of the Canadian Rockies, Banff is known as a mecca for travellers and outdoor enthusiasts. In Banff National Park, you can enjoy year-round discovery of the 6,641 sq km mountainous landscape and a full spectrum of outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing, cycling, skiing and snowboarding.

What makes Banff National Park special is its combination of vast, unspoiled wilderness and the gateway to it all: the Town of Banff. The allure of Banff is its close proximity to the park’s incredible attractions and best-kept wilderness secrets. With 1600 kms of trails, two gondolas, three ski areas, an exciting heritage, world-class accommodations and more dining options and activities than you have time for, Banff is a premier destination for authentic hospitality and outdoor exploration.


Banff National Park offers an array of accommodations.

Treat yourself to Rocky Mountain hospitality, whether you choose a fine hotel, boutique bed and breakfast, authentic log cabin or en plain air campsite.


Enjoy Canadian Rocky Mountain Cuisine at the many restaurants that serve regional fare, bringing in organic and sustainably sourced Alberta beef and bison, fine cheeses and wines.

If you’re in the mood for Indian, Thai, Mexican, Swiss fondue, sushi or pizza, you’ve got more than enough choice of restaurants to try. After dark, kick up your heels at a local dance club or relax with a beverage at a groovy lounge.


Banff and Lake Louise offer a selection of shopping opportunities - from souvenir shops and top Canadian brands to world-class art galleries and outdoor gear retailers.

Shop your way along Banff Avenue or a quaint side street, through boutique stores at your hotel or nestled in the Lake Louise Village. You’re sure to find great gift ideas and something special to remind you of your mountain adventure.

Top Summer Activities

Step into the sky on the Glacier Skywalk

Start your glacial adventure with an amazing ride on a massive Ice Explorer bus before stepping onto the surface of the Athabasca Glacier, a 300-m thick ice sheet formed by ice that fell as snow as long as 200 years ago.

Later, take a jaw-dropping walk along the cliff-edge, glass-floored Glacier Skywalk, where giant glaciers rest above and the spectacular glacier-formed Sunwapta Valley teems with wildlife below. Experience waterfalls, wildlife, fossils and more on this exciting 1 km cliff-edge walkway that leads to a platform where thick glass is all that separates you from a 280 m drop.

An award-winning architectural masterpiece, the Glacier Skywalk is a great steel arc protruding from a cliff-side supporting a glass-floored catwalk that floats in mid-air offering a mind-blowing perspective of the Columbia Icefield region. Stand in the sky with nothing but a sheet of glass between you and the panorama of a sprawling glacial valley with gushing waterfalls, mountain goats, bighorn sheep and a skyline of distant snowy peaks and glaciers.

Get Up High

Take the Banff Gondola up 700 mts to the Upper Terminal on Sulphur Mountain, the chairlift at the Lake Louise Ski Resort.

You’ve got a great chance to see a grizzly bear, or the summer sightseeing chairlift at Mt. Norquay ski area.

Get Out There

Hike to an alpine teahouse where hot tea and apple pie await or through high passes to a backcountry campsite to sleep under the stars.

Hit the Water

Rent a canoe or kayak and paddle on the bluest waters you have ever seen.

Enjoy a float trip or take a faster-paced whitewater-rafting trip down rushing waters.

Catch a Ride

Sign up for a horseback ride or rent a bike and scoot along scenic, winding roads. Head out for a picnic at Lake Minnewanka, where you can also pick up a ride on a boat cruise.

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