Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Discover Macau- An eclectic Melting Pot

It was in the early 1550s that Portuguese ships first embarked in the port of Macau.  Enamoured by its sheer beauty and riches, they refused to leave.
Macau, is today a unique slice of Europe in the heart of Asia. Be spellbound by the Mediterranean-influenced architecture, the elaborate squares, Chinese temples and European churches, as you meander along the World Heritage “Historic Centre of Macau”.
Follow the mosaic pathways of Senado Square to the ruins of St. Paul’s Church. Pay your respects at the 500-year-old temple of A-Ma. Experience the thrill of ancient maritime battles at the Guia Fortress.
Watch a spectacular sunset from the revolving restaurant on top of the Macau Tower, bungee jump from this 220 metre high structure, if you dare.

Wash down Portuguese and Chinese delicacies with exquisite and inexpensive, champagne. Follow it up with Serradura, a scrumptious dessert.
Surrender to the wide range of shopping options available, from bustling street markets to chic, trendy boutiques and malls.
Try your luck at blackjack, baccarat and roulette at casinos that put Las Vegas in the shade.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Philippines- Discover one of Asia’s most beautiful countries

Crystal blue waters, powdery white sand, lush tropical palms and rich marine life make the Philippines a destination to remember.

Stumble upon a picture-perfect island. Admire its idyllic marine life by snorkeling, or scuba diving into its depths. Windsurf, parasail, or just hitch a ride on a traditional paraw.
Take a leisurely walk along the limpid waters and fine sands of the incredibly romantic White Beach at Boracay, rated the finest in the world. Get a taste of Boracay’s eclectic cuisine, explore its rollicking nightspots.
Pay your respects to a famous Portuguese navigator at Magellan’s Cross in Cebu. Be mesmerized by the rolling hills, crystal springs and ancient Spanish churches of Bohol.
Unravel the secret of the famous Chocolate Hills, be serenaded by a ukulele as you sail down the scenic Loboc river.

Embrace Manila’s colonial past on a quaint carrauje ride. Admire the stone carvings and stained glass mosaics of the grand Manila Cathedral, go back to a bygone era at the 16th century Fort Santiago.
Be spellbound by the panoramic view of the Taal Volcano from the Tagaytay Ridge. Take an adventurous canoe ride down the famous Pagsanjan Falls.
Discover one of Asia’s most beautiful countries with Mercury Travels. It will be a holiday second to none.