Monday, March 28, 2016

10 Romantic Experiences in Seoul and Jeju Island!

Here is a list of 5 romantic things to do in Seoul - the capital city of South Korea; and 5 romantic things to do Jeju Island - a destination offering gorgeous beaches, picturesque scenery, inactive volcanoes and other fascinating natural wonders.

Top 5 Experiences in Seoul


1.    Royal Guard-Changing Experience

Since 1996, the Royal Guard-Changing Ceremony at Deoksugung Palace has taken place thrice a day except on Mondays. The Seoul Metropolitan Government now allows foreign tourists to go beyond simply watching the ceremony. Become a royal guard by wearing the Korean traditional costume and participating in the guard-changing ceremony – a truly cultural experience!

2.    Experience Royal Palace Life

Royal palaces like Gyeongbok Palace, Gyeonghui Palace and Changgyeong Palace are some of the many must-see tourist attractions in Seoul. As well as exploring the palace grounds, you and your beloved can enjoy several experiential programs that enable you to truly absorb the culture of these royal places.

3.    Bukchon Hanok Village

Take a leisurely walk with your loved one while admiring the beautiful traditional hanok houses in this unique village.

Some of these houses are opened as guesthouses and you could choose to stay there for a night to experience traditional Korean lifestyle. Do partake of the amazing array of local street food whilst you are there.

4.    Lovelock on N Seoul Tower

Located at the top of Namsan Mountain, the N Seoul Tower offers a bird’s eye-view of the city. Its main attractions include multi-coloured digital art projected onto the tower at night, a Digital Observatory, a Roof Terrace, the HanCook Restaurant, the n.Grill Restaurant, and the Haneul (Sky) Restroom.

The Roof Terrace, a spacious wooden viewing deck, is popular for its "Locks of Love". Celebrate your undying love by writing your names on a lovelock and adding it to the thousands of padlocks attached to the fence by romantic couples.

5.    Shopping & Nightlife

Seoul is one of the most lively and dynamic nightlife capitals of the world. Even after midnight, throngs of people wander the streets in major shopping districts and popular downtown areas.

The top attractions are Dongdaemun Market for late-night shopping and the Hongik University (Hongdae) neighborhood with its concentration of nightclubs. Enjoy local cuisine including Korean street food and fine dining at restaurants which are open long into the night.


Top 5 Experiences in Jeju Island


1.    Hike up holy Mt. Halla

Hike up Mt. Halla which rises 1950m above sea level. 

Designated as a bio-reserve area by UNESCO, it offers breath-taking views of the island. Don’t miss the wonderful crater and lake at the peak of Mt. Halla.

2.    Explore the theme parks

Enter the world of butterflies at Psyche World Theme Park, get lost in the labyrinth in Gimnyeong Maze Park; or take pictures with iconic buildings around the world in miniature sizes at Jeju Mini Land.

Visit Jeju Stone Park for its “Grandfather stones” which are quite similar to the moais of Easter island; or spend time walking into Loveland that offers cool and ‘erotic’ sculptures.

3.    Visit the museums

Visit the Teddy Bear Museum and be amazed by its awesome collection.

Trick Art Museum Jeju is another fun interactive place! You can visit the Sex & Health Museum and the World Eros Museum. The next coolest museum is the Haeneyo Museum dedicated to the traditional female divers!

4.    Relax at the beaches

Experience the golden sands and blue waters of Jungmun Beach during the summers. 

At Hamdeok Seowoobong Beach, enjoy a banana boat ride and other leisure activities. Visit Hado Beach located in Gujwa-eup for its views of traditional fishing boats at sea and its amazingly clean and serene beach.

5.    Partake of the Jeju Island Cuisine

The regional food of Jeju Island, which is located to the southwest of the Korean peninsula, is quite distinct compared to food from mainland Korea. Enjoy the traditional cuisine which is characterized by the spare use of seasonings to highlight the natural flavours of each dish’s ingredients.

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