Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fantastic Mt. Hallasan Winter Event at Jeju Island

Visa-free Jeju Island is a beautiful harmony of mountains, ocean, smaller islands, and pristine beaches - all unique with different sand colours and different hues of water. One of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, Jeju Island is home to the awe-inspiring Mt Hallasan. The magical Mt. Hallasan Winter Event 2014 held in December and January every year, with a multitude of activities like snow sledding, skiing and cultural games, is a great way to experience this amazing destination.

Jeju Island in South Korea, 73km wide and 31km long, was formed when lava spewed from a sub-sea volcano and surfaced above the waters. Later, another volcanic eruption formed Mt Hallasan. A final volcanic eruption created the crater lake, Baengnokdam, at the summit of the mountain.

Mt Hallasan

Mount Hallasan, which rises in the centre of Jeju to 1950m above sea level, is one of Korea’s natural forests and South Korea’s tallest mountain. With a crater lake at its peak and surrounded by more than 360 oreum (secondary volcanic cones), Mt Hallasan is home to a variety of flora and fauna. It is designated as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage, a UNESCO Global Geopark, and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Winter brings forth a view of vast snowfields with crystal-like flowers of ice formations growing on withered old trees, and a sea of clouds in the sky. The Mt. Hallasan Winter Event 2014 held during December and January offers visitors an array of activities such as snow sledding, skiing, photo taking zones and cultural games. Shuttle buses are available for tourists between downtown and the event venue making it convenient to visit.


The mysterious but well-known Seopjikoji is a spectacularly scenic with green fields, rocks of fantastic shapes and the seacoast set off by the dark blue ocean. Ascend the metal steps of the lighthouse for spectacular views of the coast.

Seongsan Ilchulbong

Catch a heart-warming sunrise at dawn at the 182 mt high coastal crater Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak) - a UNESCO designated World Natural Heritage.

The large basin atop with about 99,000 sq mt meadow is surrounded by 99 chiselled rocks in a crown-like formation.

Manjanggul cave

Explore the mysterious underground world of lava tunnels in the world’s largest lava caves.


Be mesmerized by nature's greatness when you take in the view of the beautiful ocean waves crashing against the impressive black hexagon stone pillars that decorate the shore - the largest pillar rock formation in Korea. 

The Seongeup Folk Village

Peek into traditional Jeju lifestyle and culture at the Seongeup Folk Village, recreated with traditional thatched roof houses while partaking of authentic Korean Food.

The Museum Trail

Be awed by the over 700 astounding, one-of-a-kind items collected by explorer Robert Ripley (1893-1949), during his travels of over 35 years to 198 different countries at the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not! Museum.

Step into a fantasy world where you cheat and get cheated at the Tricky Art Museum. Meet the world’s extraordinary teddy bears at the Teddy Bear Museum.

Fun Activities

Get an adrenalin rush on a horse ride in the open fields, or speed driving on a carting course, or a Four Wheeled ATV ride on the sandy beaches. Enjoy the sea and explore its waters on a Cruise Ship Submarine or yachting or at the Jeju Aqua Planet which is home to 48,000 fish of 500 species. Enjoy freedom in the sky on a thrilling paragliding or parasailing experience.

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