Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Travel New Years Resolutions

Life is an adventure, so why aren't you having any? This is the year to get out, stop dreaming and start doing. The following New Year's resolutions, if embraced can get you out of the house more, open you mind to new adventures, and fill your life with memories rather than regrets.

1. Do it! Many people love planning vacations, you speak with them and they have all of these grandiose plans for that perfect trip to South Africa, that magical trip to Egypt etc and yet years go by, and then decades, and suddenly they're wishing they had gone but it will be really hard now as they feel that they are too old.

Life is short, it is finite. Nothing happens from wishing. Put away money, or vacation days, or frequent flier miles, or befriend someone on the internet who lives where you want to go - whatever it takes, just, as the cliche' goes, do it!

2. Explore your own backyard. The number of adventures both small and large left on the table because people forget that that their own home town/state are worth exploring is astonishing. Don't wait for the perfect trip to Rajasthan to take that camel back ride, or rent a bike to explore Ladakh from a new perspective. Explore your own local sites and your local museums. Make adventures out of day trips, the country is loaded with small towns each boasting something, whether it's Agra  with the largest monument of love, or a trip to Hampi for a tantalizing slice of history and religion. India is loaded with the fun, the bizarre, and the outlandish.

3. Embrace curiosity. If the world is one never ending scene of amazement then the TV will seem hollow and sad, a thing reserved for nights without stars and days when the winds are whipping rain against the eaves. Make a list of every thing you have ever imagined doing, everything from bungee jumping to paragliding, from visiting the Museum to sitting on the edge of a gorgeous scene and trying to paint it, and do it. Stop waiting for the perfect day, or perfect excuse. The perfect day is today, and the perfect excuse is that tomorrow may be to late.

4. Eat your travels. Give up on the familiar when you explore. Exploration is more than what can be captured on a camera, it is the conversations you have (or hear), the people you meet, the scents of the streets or the flowers, and the tastes that are wholly linked to place. Delhi has chole batura, Indore has poha-jalebi , Mumbai has everything under the sun, and then some. And that is just India! Taste your way through the world.

5. Become an armchair traveler. Reading about places, whether in the pages of a Travel Mag, or an episode of a Travel channel isn't as good as the real thing, but, most people will never travel the world, most will never cruise down the Nile, or explore the Himalayas, or visit Easter Island, there is nothing wrong with a little vicarious travel, it can even introduce you to your next "must see" destination. Also, reading the works of those that have loved and lived in a place can help create a more fulfilling trip for you when you do arrive. Certainly people will see Italy different after reading Under the Tuscan Sun, or Moab differently after reading Ed Abbey's Desert Solitair. A book can round out your experieces, making your whole trip richer.

These are just a few tips to help your new year be one filled with amazing adventuries, grand stories and beautiful memories. Life is short so get out there and explore it with Mercury Travels! Experiences that take you far. Experiences that bring you closer.

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