Monday, November 14, 2011

That special feeling called Sydney

  Sydneysiders love the outdoors, beaches and stunning national parks just minutes from the city. Here are our best picks of quintessential Sydney experiences….
    1.      Climb to the summit of Sydney Harbour Bridge
BridgeClimb to the dizzying heights of the Harbour Bridge. Wearing a special Bridgesuit, harness and communication equipment, climbers hook on to a fixed safety cable and ascend the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the company of trained guides for the ultimate view of the city and the world’s greatest harbour and city centre – 134 metres above sea level.

2.  Surf, shop and see-and-be-seen at Bondi Beach
It’s the most famous strip of sand in the country. A kilometre of golden grains where Sydney’s beautiful people come to bare it all. Take a surfing lesson in Bondi, hit the beachwear boutiques and check out the vibrant café culture along Campbell Parade.

3.  Shop till you drop in Oxford Street, Paddington
This hillside village is one of Sydney's most charming suburbs, with beautiful Victorian two-storey terrace houses and distinctive wrought- iron balconies. Oxford Street, Paddington’s main thoroughfare, is Sydney’s fashion artery, a one-kilometre boulevard of boutiques and homeware shops.

4. Do a cooking class at Sydney Fish Markets
Overlooking Blackwattle Bay on the city’s western fringe, this boisterous market is a must see for any seafood lover. Lobsters, fresh tuna, the famous Sydney rock oysters, crayfish and Atlantic salmon are just some of the varieties arrayed in glistening ranks, together with a handful of sushi bars, cafes and seafood restaurants, staffed by people from the local fishing industry.

5.  Dance the night away at Ivy
A multi-level, mega-venue created by dining and nightclub tsar Justin Hemmes, Ivy proves that Sydney’s nightlife scene is hotter than ever. Bold and beautiful from top to toe, there’s a New York-style grill with prime beef, a sushi supremo at work on the Japanese classics at Teppanyaki, cool bars and a pool complete with lifeguard and cabanas, where models frequently make a splash.

6.  Take a thrilling seaplane adventure from Sydney Harbour
Operating from the former Rose Bay flying boat base, Sydney Seaplanes offers a thrilling aerial adventure. As well as scenic flights over the city and whale-spotting trips, there’s an imaginative array of options.

7.  Float over the Hunter vineyards with Balloon Aloft
Just over 90 minutes drive from Sydney, the Hunter Valley is the state’s most illustrious winegrowing area – and there are a few novel ways to see it including from the basket of a hot air balloon with Balloon Aloft. Enjoy a one-hour pre-dawn flight with breathtaking views followed by a post-flight champagne breakfast at sunrise.

8.  Be amazed by the Three Sisters in the World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park
Barely an hour’s drive to the west of Sydney, the dramatic rock formation known as The Three Sisters is one of the icons of the Australian bush. These towering rock stacks have defied the elements, remaining intact while the rest of the cliff has eroded around them. At their romantic best when the moon bathes the rock in a softly glowing light

9. Cruise with wild dolphins at Port Stephens and Sand dune rides at Stockton Beach
Just a few hours north of Sydney is Port Stephens, home to about 150 bottlenose dolphins. Board a dolphin watch cruise to see the dolphins at play. South of Port Stephens is Stockton Beach with more than 30 kms of coastal sand dunes. Indulge in Dune Bashing in a 4WD, to horse riding, camel treks or toboggan rides.

10.  Adventure activities along the beaches of the Grand Pacific Drive
A short coastal drive south from Sydney, Grand Pacific Drive is simply sensational - a stunning scenic route with gorgeous beaches, rainforests and small-town treasures along the way. Stop at the coastal town of Stanwell Park where the fabulous beach, hills and strong air currents make it a prime spot for tandem hang gliding flights. Send your adrenalin into overdrive with the unique Skydive The Beach adventure, where you jump off and land in the middle of serene Wollongong Beach.

Come and discover what makes Sydney so...Sydney.

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